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You Became Seventeen


You are special very special you are.  Born to bring Joy, Born to bring love

You are unique indeed such a treat. I may not be able to give you all you want

But my love and my heart is for you To make you strong to make you, you.


You’ve been through life’s struggles, but I’ve seen your strength shining

Like the bright sunbeam that you are, bold and beautiful Kind and true

Your heart so gentle that’s you.


You are now on the edge of childhood and adult, But do not rush to be all grown-up.

Enjoy your youth, grow the memories true

Live with love, peace and happiness too

Make these be the gems to guide you gently through.


 Strive to be the best you can, enjoy life and become strong.

Be determined to master your destiny, riding on the Master’s wings

Making it home to eternity.


You may not receive the gift you want. You may not get blackberry, tablets or Wearables

But a gift of love to fill your heart, true friends with characters pure

Truly receive gifts that cannot be bought  but gifts that will endure.

I give you again, a gift from my heart love abundantly pure.


I give you peace to pass all understanding,

Joy immeasurable, Happiness forever,

Gentleness divine, Meekness abounding,

A truth that’s enduring, And Love Overflowing. 

You are seventeen May you enjoy life’s immortal dream,

Living to see lots more. I love you my daughter, forevermore.



From my heart to yours.

Your Mother.



One Single Red Rose


I felt naked torn and dark 
No goodbyes were uttered
But on the night table bills were hurriedly scattered
Oh It hurts to be bought and sold
The heart gets caught in wicked worthless wires
Soul bleeds red with tormented fires


I looked through my window pane 
tears falling with the rain
there was one single red rose
blooming brilliantly in my garden


I rose in its firm forgiving hope
Washed away naked sticky shame
In its soft tender fragrance sweet
Robed myself slid into sexy stilettos my treat
A brighter beam blossomed
radiant smile etched on red lips


Coupé gently slammed shut
I looked back in tender lust 
there was one single red rose
blooming brilliantly in my garden.

                                                                                   Veronica Dixon Haase~~~vdh


Today I am Complete

“I, take you, for my lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”


I never believed in the ritual of this wedding vow. Why would I want you for worse or for poorer or in sickness. It’s really warped. Everything that is done in this life, including marriage, is something that you look forward to for positive outcomes. I have been to many weddings including my own and have heard these very vows recited, when as a matter of fact they are not true. Because you do not want to be worse nor poorer and most of all you do not want sickness. This is crap, you have just started a marriage with a lie. You have already failed before you have started. You have begun with doubts and negativity. You have doomed the marriage before it has started. The vybez is snapped and that death, doubt, and dismay has started. Let’s make it complete.

Today I Am Complete



Today my heart melts from the love received from the love given

I change my creed and entwine all my emotions in a loving harmony

I found the beat that was missing the rib that was taken

Today I am complete


Today I give totally to my only true love a blessing

Sent from the Creator above who knows the beginning to the end

Who has chosen my life long companion my lifelong friend

Today I am complete


The love you gave me have conquered all the love I gave you

Have said it all I wish for none other I dedicate myself forever

In your heart I have faith a love that shall never sever forever

Today I am complete.


I don’t come in for better or for worst neither for richer or poorer

Worst in sickness and in health nor till death do we part

No, No, and a million times No!

I vow to do better in times when it gets worst

My love will be richer not poorer

We will have health through all sickness that evades

Death is just a sleep we will never part we must prevail

We are joined forever you have touched my heart Forever we will never part

Today I am complete


I come with all my imperfections and perfections it’s totally me

I will grow and blossom and bloom with you beside me

With me, in me, around me, by my side

Together with the Divine We will be more than fine

Today I am complete


Woman, my heart is yours you are sweet Even though you are trouble!

You are understanding Seasoned with a little miserableness

But I Love you and today I give you myself my all

Today I am complete


My Man, my heart is yours You are caring Completely understanding

Difficult at times But I Love you and today I give you myself my all

Today I am complete



Veronica Dixon Haase