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No Skies No Limit


No boundaries stop us

No creed breaks us

No power separates us

No rules condemn us

No sky No limit

We are free…

Veronica Dixon Haase—VDH


We Were Children Together

ImageSmall we were once, we laughed, we played we rolled in the grass Got wet in the rain. Walked through gullies forbidden, Find paths that were hidden, Roamed the wild woodland. Swam the roaring rivers grand. Pulled sweet sugar cane from moving tucks as they passed along the plain. Made traps for barble doves, Cooked them in sardine tins, washed it down with water from the spring. Tickled each other until we felt the joy, the pain, the laughter, used each other’s toothbrush, Washed each other’s feet. We had no inhibitions, No secret ambitions. Free and spirited Grabbing all the joy life afforded.

 We grew a little more Stood up for each other so we could explore. Each experiencing individuality, as we grew to face our reality. Our paths changed, as we sought to create a niche in society to find our own identity. To support our basic financial necessity, A nurse, a teacher, an operator, an engineer, a doctor or a lawyer. Whichever and whatever path we choose we supported each other selflessly as we each took our course. We bloomed into adulthood, choose our mates some not so kosher, shhh, let me not commentate. Walked the path, we Created our fate and locked our gates Time seemed to be the master whatever was the disaster. Were there still seasons to be there for each other? Was there still time to give and make life better? We even wrote a few letters.

But somehow and somewhere Life proved it was a challenge. We got busier every day. Distance separated us in many ways. We let down the guard, we opened the avenues and the whiplash was wicked, the results inevitable. I miss the joy of your presence in my life. Not just to pay a bill or to pick up when I spill, but your influence sweet your spirit true, the best there is of you. I love you no matter what, that’s our life and we cannot change that. In spite of all there was, is and will be. We are bonded by our blood, cemented by our circumstances, preserved by our past, fired up for the future. We will make it and once again share heart felt laughter. Never to part, oh the sweet welcome from each heart, will be joy and joy forevermore.


Today I am Complete

“I, take you, for my lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”


I never believed in the ritual of this wedding vow. Why would I want you for worse or for poorer or in sickness. It’s really warped. Everything that is done in this life, including marriage, is something that you look forward to for positive outcomes. I have been to many weddings including my own and have heard these very vows recited, when as a matter of fact they are not true. Because you do not want to be worse nor poorer and most of all you do not want sickness. This is crap, you have just started a marriage with a lie. You have already failed before you have started. You have begun with doubts and negativity. You have doomed the marriage before it has started. The vybez is snapped and that death, doubt, and dismay has started. Let’s make it complete.

Today I Am Complete



Today my heart melts from the love received from the love given

I change my creed and entwine all my emotions in a loving harmony

I found the beat that was missing the rib that was taken

Today I am complete


Today I give totally to my only true love a blessing

Sent from the Creator above who knows the beginning to the end

Who has chosen my life long companion my lifelong friend

Today I am complete


The love you gave me have conquered all the love I gave you

Have said it all I wish for none other I dedicate myself forever

In your heart I have faith a love that shall never sever forever

Today I am complete.


I don’t come in for better or for worst neither for richer or poorer

Worst in sickness and in health nor till death do we part

No, No, and a million times No!

I vow to do better in times when it gets worst

My love will be richer not poorer

We will have health through all sickness that evades

Death is just a sleep we will never part we must prevail

We are joined forever you have touched my heart Forever we will never part

Today I am complete


I come with all my imperfections and perfections it’s totally me

I will grow and blossom and bloom with you beside me

With me, in me, around me, by my side

Together with the Divine We will be more than fine

Today I am complete


Woman, my heart is yours you are sweet Even though you are trouble!

You are understanding Seasoned with a little miserableness

But I Love you and today I give you myself my all

Today I am complete


My Man, my heart is yours You are caring Completely understanding

Difficult at times But I Love you and today I give you myself my all

Today I am complete



Veronica Dixon Haase