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No Skies No Limit


No boundaries stop us

No creed breaks us

No power separates us

No rules condemn us

No sky No limit

We are free…

Veronica Dixon Haase—VDH


Its Our Best Time Now.

“Live for today. Because it is sure. Make it all that It can be, NOW!”~~~vdhImage

It’s an upward road to success

A journey that seeks our best

Our best effort

Our best work

Our best time.

 As we take the steps needed

On this road we have selected

Let’s remember, others too

Have travelled this road

 Friends and companions all

 Let us be ready to heed

To do what it takes

To make this journey

Our ultimate step to our glory


Veronica Dixon-Haase

One Single Red Rose


I felt naked torn and dark 
No goodbyes were uttered
But on the night table bills were hurriedly scattered
Oh It hurts to be bought and sold
The heart gets caught in wicked worthless wires
Soul bleeds red with tormented fires


I looked through my window pane 
tears falling with the rain
there was one single red rose
blooming brilliantly in my garden


I rose in its firm forgiving hope
Washed away naked sticky shame
In its soft tender fragrance sweet
Robed myself slid into sexy stilettos my treat
A brighter beam blossomed
radiant smile etched on red lips


Coupé gently slammed shut
I looked back in tender lust 
there was one single red rose
blooming brilliantly in my garden.

                                                                                   Veronica Dixon Haase~~~vdh