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You Became Seventeen


You are special very special you are.  Born to bring Joy, Born to bring love

You are unique indeed such a treat. I may not be able to give you all you want

But my love and my heart is for you To make you strong to make you, you.


You’ve been through life’s struggles, but I’ve seen your strength shining

Like the bright sunbeam that you are, bold and beautiful Kind and true

Your heart so gentle that’s you.


You are now on the edge of childhood and adult, But do not rush to be all grown-up.

Enjoy your youth, grow the memories true

Live with love, peace and happiness too

Make these be the gems to guide you gently through.


 Strive to be the best you can, enjoy life and become strong.

Be determined to master your destiny, riding on the Master’s wings

Making it home to eternity.


You may not receive the gift you want. You may not get blackberry, tablets or Wearables

But a gift of love to fill your heart, true friends with characters pure

Truly receive gifts that cannot be bought  but gifts that will endure.

I give you again, a gift from my heart love abundantly pure.


I give you peace to pass all understanding,

Joy immeasurable, Happiness forever,

Gentleness divine, Meekness abounding,

A truth that’s enduring, And Love Overflowing. 

You are seventeen May you enjoy life’s immortal dream,

Living to see lots more. I love you my daughter, forevermore.



From my heart to yours.

Your Mother.