We sing, we dance, and we cry, we shout, we paint and we write to express ourselves .These acts are limitless ways to make us bold, to make us different to make us unique to make us become who we are. I dare say to make us change the world.  We tap this energy within to create passionate streams of energy without. Writing, the self’s creative energy brings out the life within that is bottled up. Our expressions are what we see of life as we know it or want to make it

Through writing there is no limit there is no mold there is no standard. You become limitless. You live not by creed, class nor colour. Through writing you become alive you bring the vibes to life.

Let’s make “poetry vbyez”

“No boundaries stop us
No creed breaks us
No powers separate us
No rules condemn us
No sky No limit
We are free.” — VDH

Veronica Dixon Haase


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