He is Wisdom Personified

Another time so quickly arise

Death’s cold fingers have touched

A life lies in Silence

No more praises to mutter

No more warnings to Utter.

His wisdom made his face shine

In beauty, in eloquence in love.

He is Wisdom personified.


A Conversationalist full of charisma and charm

Given the tongue of the learned

He knew how to speak a word in season

He speaks and we listen

Did you give ear to words fitly spoken?

The vessel now lies broken.

He is Wisdom personified.


Full of Energy energetic and energizing

Move at lightening speed

Taking the rough rugged hills.

Now you see him then you don’t

He gives a warning then he’s out

Take it now and accept without a doubt

You will not hear him shout.

He is wisdom personified.


Caring for all who pass by his way

Food for your belly, he gives

A word of correction

Words to heal all contentions

Take care of small things they will grow

He always mentions.

He is wisdom personified.


An Innovator, Industrious, invigorating & inspiring

He believes in hardworking and achieving

There is always something that can be done

By his wisdom he delivered the dark city


He opens his mouth to advice

And the process has begun

Light has come

He is Wisdom personified.




Full of Energy

Caring Innovator

Simply, loving in every way.

A man of deep wisdom

A man of profound instruction

Speaking in parables and proverbs

Mastered the art of prayer

A man of vision

Speaking in due season

He is Wisdom personified


Heed the warnings given from his heart to yours

Whether through a pinch or a smile as he moved by, or through time spent at his feet; listen as he speaks:

“To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin”

“Take care of small things they will grow”

“Think about it”


“Some haffi die fi some live”

Grace Nichola Edna

Jacqueline Christine Jennifer

Pearlene Nigen Melbourne

“Courage brother do not stumble.”


He is wisdom personified.


This is in memory of a great father and friend. Greatly missed for his wisdom. We hope, we pray, we wait.


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