I climbed a terrible fatal hurdle today

I just realized that I had no friends

Only persons who want to use me

Use me to the very end

Even when upon a broken knee I bend

I took on the struggle all by myself

I got a deep wound in all respects

No one no one not one

To defend

God was indeed merciful

I begged for mercy

And that I got

In measures that friends did not


Even when my heart bled

And my case I fed

I laid it plain and 

I laid it straight


The jail house would be my home

For another 60 days or so

But was that power enough

To drag them to action

No it was not

They crawled on their bellies

Waiting for the death action


I was left to the wolves

of the cold system by friends

Who lingered and pandered

At the brook of circumstances

While I felt in my brain

Prison’s cold grasp,

Choking life into death.


Today it all shattered to pieces

My friends turned fiend

They bat their eyes saying

I will understand

But they never did

Some was too bugged down

With effortless shouts

Others crossed at my incessant plea

It’s so obvious they did

Not understand me.


But like the mercy I received today

I hope I can repay

By extending an olive branch

To mend and heal brokenness

To exonerate in gentle jumps

To reduce this hardened lump

Lord show to me the path


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