A Hero is Born Within


In my island home Jamaica. Today, October 21, we celebrate the day of the hero. We remember those who have gone on and we honor those who live among us. The hero within us will be revealed as we live in truth to the creed. The creed of love, a creed that separates the brave and the coward. Through our courage we become that hero that is born within.

A hero is born from within

He envisions change in his surroundings

No nonsense in his approach

It is done because he knows what it’s about

Matters arise that touches the heart

It tugs on the cord that makes him start

No intention to be great

Just motivation to change fate

With vision he moves mountains

In action he causes reactions

A sense of purpose, a goal

In his limited weakness he becomes bold

Standing firm without fear

Within he trembles but he must dare

To stand firm, to be strong

Not just trying to get along

He stands bold in his decision

With courage he press on

Love is in this passion

A job carved out for perfection

A hero is born from within

Taking that firm stand to win

Never faltering, without fear

The hero forever perseveres.



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