To My Future Daughter – Shawn Price

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I’ve often hear of girls sob stories,
They have been worn out,
They have been torn apart,
And they have had hands laid on them way too many times for my comfort…

Then I tend to think,
What if that girl was my daughter?
Could I get mad at the ignorant boy who Is probably just taking after his father,
Or would I have to accept that to be simple revenge for the hearts I put mass graves,
Then pissed on, and stomped out,
Or would it just be society…

What could I do to stop her emotions, purity, and self respect from going into coffins,
And to let her know that if she’s not that boys queen, then she’s still my princess,
That she doesn’t need to rush to throw her heart,
Because I can keep it safe on my night stand for her,
That I love her and…

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You Became Seventeen


You are special very special you are.  Born to bring Joy, Born to bring love

You are unique indeed such a treat. I may not be able to give you all you want

But my love and my heart is for you To make you strong to make you, you.


You’ve been through life’s struggles, but I’ve seen your strength shining

Like the bright sunbeam that you are, bold and beautiful Kind and true

Your heart so gentle that’s you.


You are now on the edge of childhood and adult, But do not rush to be all grown-up.

Enjoy your youth, grow the memories true

Live with love, peace and happiness too

Make these be the gems to guide you gently through.


 Strive to be the best you can, enjoy life and become strong.

Be determined to master your destiny, riding on the Master’s wings

Making it home to eternity.


You may not receive the gift you want. You may not get blackberry, tablets or Wearables

But a gift of love to fill your heart, true friends with characters pure

Truly receive gifts that cannot be bought  but gifts that will endure.

I give you again, a gift from my heart love abundantly pure.


I give you peace to pass all understanding,

Joy immeasurable, Happiness forever,

Gentleness divine, Meekness abounding,

A truth that’s enduring, And Love Overflowing. 

You are seventeen May you enjoy life’s immortal dream,

Living to see lots more. I love you my daughter, forevermore.



From my heart to yours.

Your Mother.


We Were Children Together

ImageSmall we were once, we laughed, we played we rolled in the grass Got wet in the rain. Walked through gullies forbidden, Find paths that were hidden, Roamed the wild woodland. Swam the roaring rivers grand. Pulled sweet sugar cane from moving tucks as they passed along the plain. Made traps for barble doves, Cooked them in sardine tins, washed it down with water from the spring. Tickled each other until we felt the joy, the pain, the laughter, used each other’s toothbrush, Washed each other’s feet. We had no inhibitions, No secret ambitions. Free and spirited Grabbing all the joy life afforded.

 We grew a little more Stood up for each other so we could explore. Each experiencing individuality, as we grew to face our reality. Our paths changed, as we sought to create a niche in society to find our own identity. To support our basic financial necessity, A nurse, a teacher, an operator, an engineer, a doctor or a lawyer. Whichever and whatever path we choose we supported each other selflessly as we each took our course. We bloomed into adulthood, choose our mates some not so kosher, shhh, let me not commentate. Walked the path, we Created our fate and locked our gates Time seemed to be the master whatever was the disaster. Were there still seasons to be there for each other? Was there still time to give and make life better? We even wrote a few letters.

But somehow and somewhere Life proved it was a challenge. We got busier every day. Distance separated us in many ways. We let down the guard, we opened the avenues and the whiplash was wicked, the results inevitable. I miss the joy of your presence in my life. Not just to pay a bill or to pick up when I spill, but your influence sweet your spirit true, the best there is of you. I love you no matter what, that’s our life and we cannot change that. In spite of all there was, is and will be. We are bonded by our blood, cemented by our circumstances, preserved by our past, fired up for the future. We will make it and once again share heart felt laughter. Never to part, oh the sweet welcome from each heart, will be joy and joy forevermore.


He is Wisdom Personified

Another time so quickly arise

Death’s cold fingers have touched

A life lies in Silence

No more praises to mutter

No more warnings to Utter.

His wisdom made his face shine

In beauty, in eloquence in love.

He is Wisdom personified.


A Conversationalist full of charisma and charm

Given the tongue of the learned

He knew how to speak a word in season

He speaks and we listen

Did you give ear to words fitly spoken?

The vessel now lies broken.

He is Wisdom personified.


Full of Energy energetic and energizing

Move at lightening speed

Taking the rough rugged hills.

Now you see him then you don’t

He gives a warning then he’s out

Take it now and accept without a doubt

You will not hear him shout.

He is wisdom personified.


Caring for all who pass by his way

Food for your belly, he gives

A word of correction

Words to heal all contentions

Take care of small things they will grow

He always mentions.

He is wisdom personified.


An Innovator, Industrious, invigorating & inspiring

He believes in hardworking and achieving

There is always something that can be done

By his wisdom he delivered the dark city


He opens his mouth to advice

And the process has begun

Light has come

He is Wisdom personified.




Full of Energy

Caring Innovator

Simply, loving in every way.

A man of deep wisdom

A man of profound instruction

Speaking in parables and proverbs

Mastered the art of prayer

A man of vision

Speaking in due season

He is Wisdom personified


Heed the warnings given from his heart to yours

Whether through a pinch or a smile as he moved by, or through time spent at his feet; listen as he speaks:

“To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin”

“Take care of small things they will grow”

“Think about it”


“Some haffi die fi some live”

Grace Nichola Edna

Jacqueline Christine Jennifer

Pearlene Nigen Melbourne

“Courage brother do not stumble.”


He is wisdom personified.


This is in memory of a great father and friend. Greatly missed for his wisdom. We hope, we pray, we wait.


Its Our Best Time Now.

“Live for today. Because it is sure. Make it all that It can be, NOW!”~~~vdhImage

It’s an upward road to success

A journey that seeks our best

Our best effort

Our best work

Our best time.

 As we take the steps needed

On this road we have selected

Let’s remember, others too

Have travelled this road

 Friends and companions all

 Let us be ready to heed

To do what it takes

To make this journey

Our ultimate step to our glory


Veronica Dixon-Haase

One Single Red Rose


I felt naked torn and dark 
No goodbyes were uttered
But on the night table bills were hurriedly scattered
Oh It hurts to be bought and sold
The heart gets caught in wicked worthless wires
Soul bleeds red with tormented fires


I looked through my window pane 
tears falling with the rain
there was one single red rose
blooming brilliantly in my garden


I rose in its firm forgiving hope
Washed away naked sticky shame
In its soft tender fragrance sweet
Robed myself slid into sexy stilettos my treat
A brighter beam blossomed
radiant smile etched on red lips


Coupé gently slammed shut
I looked back in tender lust 
there was one single red rose
blooming brilliantly in my garden.

                                                                                   Veronica Dixon Haase~~~vdh